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Introducing the Totli Box - the Montessori-inspired, award-winning, and original play box that nurtures early development through play. Designed by early childhood experts and thoughtfully curated to spark curiosity and learning through play. Every element is purposefully designed to boost essential skills and nurture early brain development. The sensory balls contrast weights, teaching the 'heavy' and 'light' concepts, while the rainbow coins are perfect for practicing sorting, stacking, and fine motor skills. Its clever design boasts three sides, each encouraging exploration of the fascinating principles of object permanence, conceptual thinking, and cause and effect. Crafted with safe, sustainable, and durable materials, the Totli Box comes complete with three colourful scarves, six stackable rainbow coins, and two sensory balls. Loved by over 25,000+ parents and designed to grow with each child's developmental journey, it is suitable for ages 8 months to over 3 years.

The Totli Box

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