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Explore the world around you with these bright magnetic wands and counting chips. Let your little one discover which items will be attracted to the magnet and which items will remain unaffected. 

The wand contains a permanent magnet folded into the end of a brightly coloured plastic handle which is durable and easy to clean. 


These metal rimmed counters are a perfect addition to any sensory tub. Hide the chips in coloured rice and let your little one explore with a magnetic wand. 

Great for counting, sorting and use with a light box. A steel ring around the edge of each chip allows it to be readily attracted to magnets. 


  • One Magnetic Wand
  • Bag of 100 counting chips 


Please do not store chips wet. They must be dried after use and not left in water for prolonged periods.

Please do not use these chips with playdough or sand as the coating will corrode. 

*Due to the size of the chip children should always be supervised whilst playing.

Suitable for ages 3+

Magnetic Wand & Counting Chips

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