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It's FUN! But do you know WHY sensory play is important?

Other than the cute pictures of babies and kids playing in spaghetti and slime there are many benefits to discovering the world through messy sensory play!

Check out what's going on developmentally when your little ones engage in sensory play...

Girl using her fine motor skills concentrating on moving sensory rice using bubble tongs into a funnel.

🖐️Fine motor skills involve the smaller muscles of the hand, fingers and wrists.

When children partake in sensory play they have many opportunities to develop, practice and refine their fine motor skills.

Through grasping, squeezing, squishing, pinching, rolling, cutting, threading, scrunching, pouring and manipulating materials using their hands they are developing hand and finger strength and hand eye coordination.

Toddler squatting during messy sensory play.

🏃‍♂️Gross motor are skills that involve using the whole body, the large muscles, your core and arms and legs. When sensory play includes standing, sitting,

kneeling, squatting, reaching, lifting, crawling, throwing, mixing and big movements we are developing these muscles to increase body awareness, balance, reaction and strength.

Earth day fizzy messy sensory play

🧠Cognitive development is all about acquiring the skills to be able to understand the world around you. To think, reason and problem solve.

When children engage in sensory play they are building nerve connections in the brain which develop the ability to complete more complex tasks.

Three children participating in messy play together

👥Social and emotional awareness, children begin to learn how to manage their emotions and establish positive relationships. Through sensory play children learn to take turns, play together and co-operate. There is no right or wrong way to messy play and thus is inclusive for all. Sensory play can be a fantastic tool in helping to express emotions. They can stomp in mud, squash sand castles, run their fingers through rice, splash in water letting out emotions and learning to regulate them in a positive way.

Two babies looking as if they are speaking to one another during messy play

🗣️Language and communication skills.

Sensory play can be a fantastic opportunity to help your little one with their developing language skills and encourage speech. An abundance of descriptive words and conversation about the activity and elements of, give words to movements, textures, smells, sounds and sights that the children are experiencing.

⭐Play is powerful!⭐

So now you know why its important... Why don't you come along and join us for one of our small group classes or pop-up events and let your little sensory explorers learn and develop through play!

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