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High-Contrast Books for Babies

Did you know that life is pretty blurry for a newborn?

In the first few months of life while your baby's eyes are still developing; high contrast black and white images with sharp outlines are much easier for your little one to make out.

A newborn retina can only detect extreme contrasts from light to dark or white and black. Anything else seems a bit too out of focus just yet for them.

Looking at black and white simple images helps to stimulate development of the optic nerve.

With life a little out of focus and blurry for a newborn it is no wonder they are so captivated by simple black and white images.

During the first 6 months of life as their eyesight develops, high-contrast books nurture optic development and help to stimulate, engage and entertain your little one.

We couldn’t go past stocking Katey Love's Mesmerised book range as the perfect book for newborns, or even a baby shower gift. The classic Mesmerised board book is filled with high-contrast easy to focus images for baby to enjoy as well as the Faces for Baby cloth book, both perfect for tummy time. Baby Face introduces new high-contrast colour combinations which appeal particularly to babies of 3-4 months onwards.

The recommended ages are just a guideline, babies of all ages will enjoy being read to and exploring each page of these books!

Stay tuned for more high-contrast activities and toys to be shared soon!

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