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Creative Kids (5-12 years)

Paint, sculpt, create and more in this creative class for primary school kids!

  • 1 h
  • 25 Australian dollars
  • MTBM Kids Creative Studio 9/99 Caridean St, Heathridge 6027

Session Description

Are you ready to add a splash of colour, a dash of imagination, and a whole lot of FUN to your child's life? We all know that kids have an incredible ability to see the world through a magical lens, and our classes are designed to amplify that magic. Here's why our Creative Kids Classes are a MUST for your child: Unleash their inner Picasso: Is your child the next Picasso, Van Gogh, or Banksy? In our Creative Kids Classes, they'll have the chance to explore different art forms and express themselves like never before. From painting masterpieces to creating sculptures, we provide the tools and techniques for your child to unleash their inner artistic genius with something new each week! Confidence boost guaranteed: Watch as your child's confidence soars to new heights! Our passionate facilitators are experts in nurturing your little one's self-belief. They provide gentle guidance, high-fives, and heaps of encouragement, helping your child discover their unique artistic voice and believe in their own creative superpowers. Playdate with creativity: Our classes are not just about creating art; they're about building lifelong friendships and sparking a sense of community. Your child will meet other pint-sized Picassos, and together, they'll embark on creative adventures, collaborate on exciting projects, and cheer each other on. It's a playdate where creativity takes centre stage! Unplug and unlock: Say goodbye to screens and hello to the colourful world of imagination! Our Creative Kids Classes provide a much-needed break from technology. By diving into hands-on activities, your child will discover the joy of creating with their own two hands. It's a chance for them to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with their inner creativity. Superpowers for life: Creativity isn't just about making pretty pictures; it's a superpower that unlocks endless possibilities. By enrolling your child in our classes, you're giving them skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovative ideas are just a few of the magical abilities they'll develop! We cannot wait to welcome your Creative Kid! Places are limited. Term bookings are offered at a discounted rate of $230 for the 10 week term by purchasing a multi class pass, make up classes can be organised with advance notice. Please see our booking policies. Casual bookings available however to really gain the social, emotional, creative and technical benefits we do recommend a term.

Upcoming Classes

Cancellation Policy

Due to hire charges, preparation and material costs, your ticket is non-refundable or non-changeable for any missed classes. Please email with any name changes should you pass on your ticket to someone else.

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