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PEACEFUL / HAPPY / CONFIDENT / BRAVE The Wild Adventure Potion Kit is for little potion makers seeking mystical lands and magical treasures. Create magic potions for calming down after an adventurous day, conquering fears around new adventures and gaining control of stormy weather (and feelings). Our mini magic potion kits are a great way to introduce kids sensory play and mindfulness.


Potion Recipe Cards include the following spells: Tame The Wild Beast - a potion for calming down after an adventurous day. Travelers Tonic - a potion for travelling and starting new adventures. Sunshine On Rainy Day - a potion for helping stormy thoughts Imagination Navigation - a potion to create a navigational tool for finding magical realms


POTION KIT INCLUSIONS • 3 x dry ingredients in cotton pouches • 1 x dry Ingredient in reusable PET plastic bottles • 2 x sparkly liquids in reusable PET plastic bottles • Potion Cards – include 4 x recipe cards with affirmations, 1 x Story card

Wild Adventure - Mindful Potion Kit

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