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Our magical shimmer liquid is an all time favourite that makes any potion just that little bit more magical!

When your ready made Shimmer Liquid bottle is in need a refill, add a teeny tiny amount (fingertip sized) of shimmer dust to the bottle and fill with water. Shake and watch your magical liquid come alive.

Your shimmer pot refill will provide up to 10 bottle refills. A little shimmer dust goes a very long way!


Shimmer liquid will settle in bottle when not in use. Shake vigorously to reignite the magic inside!


Colours available may vary and shades may differ to those pictured.

Packed in a reusuable hessian drawstring pouch.


Ingredients: Mica powder.


WARNING: Although taste safe ingredients are used, this product is not for consumption. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is always required.

Shimmer Liquid & Shimmer Refill Pack

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